Mediafile Creation

Media Type

  • Choose the type of mediafile you want to add


  • Give a title to the mediafile using less than 100 chars. Use English language and try to find unique title to identify the file. Remains: 100 chars


  • Rate the mediafile. The more impotant midiafile is the higher rate it should get


  • Insert URL of image. For example,

Date of Creation

  • Date of creation of picture, photo or movie. Use the Gregorian calendar in format yyyy-mm-dd

Date of Event

  • Date of event or subject depicted or described by the mediafile. Use the Gregorian calendar in format yyyy-mm-dd
  • If there is no precise date type approximate one, else leave the field blank. Use "±" char to describe possible interval of time


  • Select the place where the depicted event occured


  • List tags concerning to the mediafile using comma sign